Unique Investigations LLC would like to thank all of our past and present clients for choosing Unique Investigations to handle their case! Here are some testimonials from our clients:


February 2, 2024  Preston M. - Fort Worth, TX

"Highly Satisfied. As an attorney who has hired hundreds of process servers and a number of investigators, I can unequivocally say that John and Unique Investigations is top tier. John was efficient, quick, and was able to find and serve process on a party under difficult circumstances, where other servers had made multiple unsuccessful attempts. John was responsive, and his reporting was thorough. I highly recommend John and Unique Investigations." 

April 22, 2022 Marisol M. - Bronx, NY

​"Highly Satisfied. he works fast got results done in two days will be calling him again ty for your service"

March 27, 2022 Lucy M. - Westchester, NY

"Highly Satisfied. I had been trying to serve my ex-husband with divorce papers since July 2021. After 8 attempts and 3 agencies, my time to serve had expired and I was forced to file a motion to extend time to serve him. That's when I came across Unique Investigations and John. Upon meeting John, I knew he would get the job done; and he did, within a weeks time. He said to me, "you'll be the second to know he's been served...he'll be the first. John is a thorough investigator, timely and professional. I highly recommend his services to anyone and know who I will turn should I need them again." 

December 30, 2021 Charles M. - Bronx, NY

"Highly Satisfied. From beginning to the end, John was a true professional and would not hesitate tp contact him again if needed. He provided me with the information I requested on the same day. A true gentleman and highly recommended."

September 26, 2021 Michelle G. - Bronx, NY

"Highly Satisfied. John was very professional, service was fast and thorough would highly recommend and would use again."

September 5, 2021 Genaly G. - NY, NY

"Highly Satisfied. He done amazing work for me -& gave me my report within a couple of days was very helpful -& understanding with my situation I would recommend to anyone that need of help."

September 3, 2021 Sely D. - Yonkers, NY

"Satisfied. Service was very fast and accurate. The investigator is very responsible and respectful. He made me feel like my case was important and kept constant communication with me. My family and I wanted to make sure our brother was safe since we haven't seen him or heard from him in more than 7 years. This private investigator helped us be able to contact my brother and hear his voice. Thank you so much for helping bring some comfort to our hearts."

August 12, 2021 David S. - Yonkers, NY

​"Highly Satisffied. John did a terrific job for us. He was timely and through. Would recommend & use again."

JULY 28, 2021 Randy V. - Yonkers, NY

"Highly Satisfied. John, was on time, professional, and keep me up to date every step of the way. I couldn't be happier with the service he provided. After hearing my concerns he quickly got to work executing a plan of action. Thank you John."

August 13, 2020 AB - Bronx, NY

"Highly Satisfied. Very efficient investigative body. I was really satisfied with the results of the work they did for me. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND FOR EVERYONE."  

January 27, 2020  E. Mitchell - Mt. Vernon, NY


August 7, 2019  Virginia P. - Brooklyn, NY

"Highly Satisfied. Very professional, helpful, highly recommend."

November 17, 2018  Brian C. - Bayshore, NY

"Highly Satisfied. These guys are unbelievable! I gave them the paperwork on a Wednesday and they had the service done by Friday! They pay attention to detail and did not rest until the service was completed. I strongly recommend them!"

August 12, 2018  D.B - White Plains, NY

"Highly Satisfied. John is thorough, honest, compassionate and very knowledgeable in what he does. I came across him by chance after getting scammed. He was very understanding and quickly set my mind at ease about the job that I needed. Once hired, John went above and beyond the call of duty! He did more than he was supposed to do to get the job done. He kept me updated every step of the way. John has phenomenal work ethics, and did not ask for a penny more than the agreed amount. When looking to get the job done correctly, quickly and honestly John is your man! I thank you for all of your efforts!"

July 22, 2018  Larisa S. - Bronx, NY

"My experience was absolutely positive, John Mazzuca is very professional and just nice person to have deal with."

June 7, 2018  Miranda N. - Yonkers, NY

"Highly Satisfied. John was very professional. To my surprise John had video. John had a written report and he served my paperwork in a timely fashion. John even returned the paperwork back to me in a timely fashion. John's work was so good that he isn't aware that new charges will be pressed on the parties involved in another case by the Westchester County Police. Yes I would use John again if I ever have another issue like this again and will refer him to all others that have issues with family court and more." 

May 25, 2018  Joyce L. - Yonkers, NY

"Highly Satisfied. Unique Investigator John Mazzuca was very professional and quick to respond to my request. He was very helpful and was able to help me resolve all of my problems. You can trust John with any of your unique and delicate situations. I highly recommend his services." 

February 25, 2017  Daniel N. - Yonkers, NY

"I hired Unique Investigations to work on a delicate case for me.

The one problem I have is that I am blind and needed someone I could trust. Mr. Mazzuca explained in detail what the process would be like. So far, I have had an extremely positive experience.

Mr. Mazzuca has conducted himself in a professional manner throughout this entire complicated case. I would recommend

Mr. Mazzuca for any case requiring professional investigative services."  

February 23, 2017  Nadia V. - Bronx, NY

"Unique Investigation is the best. After 8 years of looking for my father we were reunited. Thank you!"

February 23, 2017  Dulce D. - Yonkers, NY

"John is an excellent investigator. Very thorough and efficient. I highly recommend his services!"

February 16, 2017  Christine F. - Yonkers, NY

"Great work, gave us the information of our request very quickly."

February 1, 2017  John L. - Merrifield, VA

"Sometimes the small package has the diamond in it! Just the best help I could have gotten in this difficult circumstance, thank you, Mr. Mazzuca!"

January 27, 2017  Teresa P. - Bronx, NY

"Good job. Exceeded Expectations. Perfect. Mr. Mazzuca very professional and timely. Exceeded expectations. Thank you."

December 20, 2016  ASAP, Inc. - Yonkers, NY

​"The event went better than expected. There were no issues or incidents. Those who attended the function are anticipating and highly looking forward to the next event. They provided very professional and knowledgeable service in an effective and efficient manner. I highly recommend Unique Investigations LLC!"

November 17, 2016  Luisa C. - West Hempstead, NY

"Great Investigator! John is an excellent investigator. Very thorough and efficient. He really cares about his clients! I highly recommend his services!!!!"

November 8, 2016  Adriana R. - New Rochelle, NY

"Great Reliable Service!!! My experience with Unique Investigations LLC was a great one. I needed Family Court documents to be served and that's exactly what they did. John was extremely professional and answered every question I had. He served documents the same day I hired him. Very reliable, considerate and professional. Would definitely use them again." 

November 4, 2016  Rita D. - Hollis, NY

"Great, Fast and affordable service! Great work, gave us the information on our case that we needed very quickly. Also gave us valuable insight for our future dealings."

October 19, 2016  Lauren B. - Putnam Valley, NY

"I highly recommend Unique Investigations. I hired John on Saturday, and the job was done successfully by Sunday. Fast, professional and very reasonably priced. Excellent service! Thank you!"

September 6, 2016  D.P. - New York

"During a time where a professional's expertise was required to handle a delicate issue, Mr. Mazzuca was of great help. I never expected that I would require the services of a private investigator, but I was lucky to receive professional, prompt, and high quality assistance from Unique Investigations LLC. Not only were

Mr. John Mazzuca's services very accurate, but also nothing can replace years of experience that Mr. Mazzuca offers. I highly recommend his services."

August 22, 2016  Omar D. - Katy, TX

"Mr. Mazzuca was able to serve documents to respondent with no issues. He was able to answer all my questions. I will recommend Unique Investigations for their outstanding work."

August 10, 2016  Frank H. - Yonkers, NY

"this company was very professional and reliable. the service they provide was done in a very fast and sufficient matter the investigator John Mazzuca was provided a very excellent svc job well done."

April 9, 2015  James A. - NY, NY

"Quick and professional, and high level of communication for this process server job."

March 3, 2015  Glory K. - Mt. Vernon, NY

"He's very smart, calculative and helpful. Needed to serve court papers to my landlord and he delivered. Even when there was a change of address while the job was in progress. Called him late, he showed up, delivered and even notarized the affidavit same night! He's also very professional."

February 11, 2015  Jose G. - Bronx, NY

"Mr. John Mazzuca is professional, honest and prompt. He provides a detailed report of what he does. He is someone you can depend on to get the job done. I recommend him without hesitation. I think all will do well in putting their trust in his service(s)."

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