John Mazzuca, President of Unique Investigations LLC, started his career in law enforcement in Yonkers, NY. From there he went on to working as a uniformed Police Officer in Brooklyn, New York. Mr. Mazzuca assisted detectives for many years in successfully solving cases. Mr. Mazzuca has received numerous commendations and meritorious service awards as a Police Officer.

Mr. Mazzuca then began working with Esquire Investigations, where he had conducted countless investigations dealing with auto accidents, and personal injury cases.  His expertise in law enforcement and as an investigator enables him to uncover the facts needed to conduct thorough investigations. He has planned and executed surveillance operations for Workmans Comp cases and for insurance companies.

Mr. Mazzuca worked in the field of personal protection for high profile celebrities and political dignitaries. He also assisted with logistical matters from defensive driving to communications coordinator. 

In 2011, Mr. Mazzuca became a New York State licensed private investigator and opened Unique Investigations LLC. In 2019, Mr. Mazzuca became a New Jersey State licensed Private Detective. 

 Mr. Mazzuca puts hard work and determination to accomplish the goals of his clients with honesty and commitment in all of his cases.  Mr. Mazzuca believes in going that extra mile to get that last question answered, getting the case closed, and giving you (the client) the answers you need. 

With his reputation for providing diligent service, professionalism, efficiency, confidentiality, and dedication to all of his clients he is sure to be the best investigator you will find. 

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